Spring Has Sprung In Raw Food Land

Spring is the season of rebirth, when the Earth awakens from her long winter's nap with the promise of new life. Raw Food Land has recently seen the birth of some exciting new ventures...

Anthony Anderson, better known as RawModel, has turned his passion for cacao truffles into Blackbird Naturals: Food That Sings
You have your choice of raw vegan or grassfed organic ingredients. Every delicious order is handmade fresh. Of course the key ingredient in each truffle is L - O - V - E. Would you expect anything less from Anthony?

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Matt and Angela Stokes-Monarch have landed in Vilacabamba, Ecuador. If you're not familiar with this pristine Valley of Longevity in South America, be sure to take a tour of their new digs HERE
Their sweet property is already home to lush vegetation and native fruit trees, but the couple's dream is to create their own edible food forest. Long inspired by the teachings in the Anastasia books, watch as Angela begins planting seeds Anastasia's way.

More videos of the Stokes-Monarch's latest adventures can be found on The Raw Food World TV Show.

Lest you think that's all these two have been up to, guess again. After much anticipation, yesterday marked the grand opening of the NEW Raw Food World Store.
To celebrate, they are generously offering everyone a 13% OFF Discount Coupon for any order at the store, until Midnight PDT, Sunday, March 21st.

Been dreaming of that Hurom Slow Juicer? Now would be an opportune time to make your dream a reality. Just enter the coupon code "NewStore" when placing your order this week. For all you folks outside of the United States, you'll be delighted to hear that the new store is finally set up to process international orders just as easily as domestic orders.

But wait, there's more! The shiny new site also has a cool new Q&A Forum. The area was designed to allow anyone to answer questions and "vote" on the answer that makes the most sense. Answers with the most "thumbs up" float to the top of the pile.

Check it out and get the 411 on everything from colonics to wheatgrass. Have a burning question? Sign up and ask away.

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Spring has sprung in Raw Food Land!

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