Jump For Joy, We Have Our Winners!

Thanks for all the positive feedback on Understanding Candida: Finding A Healthy Balance and to everyone who entered the giveaway for a Kroeger Herb® Candida Kit

As I mentioned, candidaisis often goes unrecognized and untreated, rapidly creating a downward health spiral as it becomes prevalent in the body. The best way to eradicate candida is to:

1.  Modify your diet: eliminate sugar, carbs, alcohol, fermented foods, mushrooms, dairy, yeast, molds, acid-forming foods.

2.  Use the Candida Formula #1™ and Candida Formula #2™ from the Kroeger Herb Candida Kit for at least one month. (Please Note: I do not receive any monetary compensation nor free product for recommending this. I do so, quite simply, because it's of the finest quality and it works.)

3.  Rebuild healthy bacteria: Immediately after cleansing, take the probiotic supplement in the Kroeger Herb Candida Kit. Eat lots of raw cultured veggies. Introducing friendly flora will help combat candida regrowth.

So, let's get to the winners, shall we? Kroeger Herb has graciously offered to send a Candida Kit to two lucky readers, and here's who Mr. Random Number Generator chose: tyrahD and bankrupt vegan. Congratulations, ladies! Happy cleansing...

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