A Feast For The Eyes: Chocolate Pudding

Sometimes, looking is enough.
And, sometimes, you just have to give in to temptation.

Friday Food Porn

It's March 26th. That would be the sixth full day of spring. Spring.

Hello, who didn't get the memo?

I awoke to a winter wonderland. White stuff. Everywhere.

Well, that just calls for one thing.

Nooooooooo, not the ski jacket, mittens and polar fleece that I had washed and put away. {You obviously don't know me very well, do you?}

CHOCOLATE. Lots of it!

A couple bites, and all is right with the world. Don't believe me? Well, as they say: The Proof Is In The Pudding.

Raw. Vegan. Sexy. Chocolate.

Let it snow!
Live a little. It's the weekend.

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