How To Enjoy A Purely Delicious Blizzard

Can I just say for the record: I am SO over winter. Done. Had enough, thank you very much.

I know you folks in the mid-Atlantic states have been getting hammered these past few days. And I feel for you, really I do. But geeze Louise, welcome to my, like since early November.

Well, at least the postman brought a little ray of sunshine into my life the other day when he delivered my Purely Delicious magazine. I poured myself a mug of Nature's Prozac hot cocoa, threw another log on the fire, and curled up with the Winter 2010 issue.

If you're not familiar with this quarterly gem that celebrates living foods and an eco-friendly lifestyle, allow me to introduce you to what I feel is a must-have raw food resource.

Each issue is packed with recipes, beautiful photos, articles on nutrition, healing, detox, seasonal eating, fitness, organics, gardening, eco-travel and more.

There's a RAW 101 section that's specifically for folks just starting to explore the lifestyle  – to explain the nuts and bolts in simple and friendly terms. Hmmm, have a friend or family member who's been a bit resistant to a raw, vegan or vegetarian message? A gift subscription** would be a great way to reach out and encourage them to explore and celebrate each small step they take towards better health and nutrition.

Ask the Experts is a regular Q&A feature with raw food educators and authors Matt and Angela Stokes-Monarch.  Matt's been on a 100% living foods diet for over 10 years now, and Angela lost 160 pounds by adopting a raw lifestyle.

From the Fall 2009 Issue

Chef Omid Jaffari is a regular contributor. It's best to put on a bib before viewing his stunning culinary creations and photos. You'll drool. Trust me.

This issue includes articles on eating green, yoga, raw chocolate (hello!), Graves’ Disease, dude food (yeah, I'm talking to you, guys), fermented foods, sprouting, recycling, reinventing self and so much more!

Good for body, soul and planet.

Can you say that about snow?

Bring some sunshine into your own life. Subscribe to Purely Delicious** today.

**If you do subscribe, mention In The Raw and you'll receive a free gift with your first issue.

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