A Virtual Health Retreat Awaits You

Been dreaming of a health retreat at a beautiful resort, but either time or money – or perhaps both – prevent you from going? What if I told you that I know of an amazing place that adapts to your schedule and charges absolutely nothing? For real. I've been there!

A bit overwhelming at first, but the folks at the Hospitality Desk were so kind and helpful that I quickly felt right at home. After grabbing a delicious smoothie in the Liquid Lounge, I began exploring.

The place is huge...a Fitness Room, Wellness Center, Spa. I hooked up with some fellow yoga enthusiasts and discovered a 10,000 Step Walking Club. There's a well-stocked Library of books related to raw living foods, natural health, wellness — even a group that meets regularly to discuss Louise Hay's bestseller You Can Heal Your Life.

You wouldn't believe who I found doing cooking demos in the Culinary Center: Ani Phyo, Philip McCluskey, Jennifer Cornbleet, Karen Knowler, Rawdawg Rory, Victoria Boutenko, and even more culinary wizards from the international raw foods community.

And holy guacamole, the Kitchen! I could spend hours in there, sampling delectable raw desserts, soups, entrees, and a bountiful salad bar.

Did I mention the organic Garden? Oh yeah, and a Greenhouse, overflowing with salad greens, sprouts, and trays of wheatgrass. And listen, that's only a taste of what's available. There's even a special place just for kids to hang out and chill.

Okay, really, you need to experience Raw Food Rehab for yourself. You'll find a wonderful support community as you renew your health with a diet rich in raw and living foods.

Over 550 people have already checked in and are participating in an 11 Week Total Health & Weight Loss Initiative that's now underway through December 31st. But new members can join in anytime and benefit from the ongoing education, resources and support. And I guarantee you, the lovely director, Penni Shelton, will make you feel right at home.

So what are you waiting for? Add some life to your years and years to your life — check into Raw Food Rehab today. See you in the Kitchen!

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