A Foodie's Best Friend: Recipes Galore!

Recipes, kitchen gadgets and beautiful food photos are a foodie's drug of choice. And this week, I feel like I discovered an opium den.

I had the good fortune Wednesday of being chosen as the Food Blog of the Day on Foodista. If, like me, you've never explored this online "Cooking Encyclopedia," you're in for a real treat.

Deciding to take the Meatless Monday campaign a step further, the Foodista blog just wrapped up a Very Vegan and Vegetarian Week with lots of yummy recipes and links to explore.

A true foodie loves all things culinary and Foodista can keep you busy for hours, whatever your particular passion and interest. Wanna learn about a Fruit Muddle? This is the place. How 'bout Tempranillo Grapes? Or, next time you prepare a citrus dish, try this technique: Suprêming.

You can even upload your own recipes. So, if you've got something fabulous to share with the food-loving community, go on and add it to Foodista!

More Recipes To Explore

Yesterday, In The Raw found itself on the Top 10 Raw Food and Raw-Related Blogs. That the list was compiled by the multi-talented chef, author and restaurateur Sarma Melngailis, someone I deeply admire and respect, makes it all the more meaningful.

I happily found two blogs on the list I was not previously familiar with. Maybe you'll make a new discovery too.

Okay foodies, whether you're into recipes, cookbooks, photography or kitchenware: What's your favorite culinary haunt on the web?

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