Tap Tap Tap...We Have Our Winners!

Thanks to the folks at ZICO, three lucky ladies will be getting a case of 100% pure coconut water, along with a ZICO t-shirt.

Many thanks to all who entered, tweeted and blogged about the Cuckoo For Coconut Water Giveaway.

So, let's see who Mr. Random Number Generator chose:
pure2rawTwins: That would be Michelle & Lori, fraternal twins who are raw gluten-free vegan chefs/bakers. They own and operate Twin Cakes bakery in Raleigh, North Carolina. Twelve ZICOs in a case, girls, so play nice and share, 'k?

Errign: A twenty-something college student in New England, Errign blogs over at 365 Days! Errign's "trying hard to love running" so maybe the ZICO can help her out with that. It's a perfect way to rehydrate post workout.

@keri410: Keri loves being active outdoors — hiking, running, tennis, basketball, horseback riding, camping. You're going to love the convenience of ZICO, Keri. No machete required. I'll often keep one in my pack out on the trails, and yes, I've even taken them camping with me. You can follow Keri's outdoor adventures at Hop, Skip, and a Giant Leep.

Congratulations, ladies! Watch your mail for a special package, arriving soon. Enjoy!

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