She's Off And Running

I started walking every day a year ago. Prior to that, walking to the end of my drive was quite painful. My lymphedema was so bad, my legs resembled tree trunks. Finding shoes to fit my swollen feet was near impossible.

Because of the extra weight I carried, I
became easily winded. Imagine walking around with a 50-pound pack strapped to your back, 10-pound weights around each ankle, and carrying a 5-pound jug of water in each arm — and that's only 80 extra pounds...I was carrying much more!

Anyways, I've talked before about how I walk 5k every morning and evening with my walking partner, Maya, the Siberian husky. Seriously, wanna get off your duff and start moving on a daily basis? Visit your local animal shelter and adopt a four-legged walking companion. They'll get you up and out of bed each morning, trust me.

Maya and I like to explore and hike in the woods too, so we're out there 3-4 times a week as well, schedule permitting — her's being much more flexible than mine. *wink*

It seems as if we've bypassed autumn completely around our neck of the woods. Temps have gone from 80 degrees to 50, virtually overnight. Of course, Maya's ecstatic over this. Me, not so much.

And this morning, it was downright C - O - L - D out there. So, I started running. Actually, I began doing this thing awhile back, where I'd say to myself, "Okay, let's see if you can run from here to that tree." And I'd run, maybe 100 feet. Then, after a week or so, I'd increase the distance to 200 feet. Then gradually, 500 feet, and so on. Until, before I knew it, I could go for quite a little distance without having to stop and walk again.

Well, hello, this morning, I didn't stop running. Yup, just kept right on going. Before I knew, I had run a 5K. How 'bout that! And here I had been psyching myself up by thinking maybe in the spring, I'd enter a 5K race and see if I could do it.

Wow, it feels good. It really does.

Now I've gotta find some new footwear. I have a pair of walking shoes and hiking boots that I love. But I'd like to find a good pair of running shoes — something I can wear on the trail, preferably waterproof, because as much as I hate to think about it, I know it won't be long till that white stuff makes its annual appearance.

As luck would have it, I just discovered this issue of fitness magazine has an article on The Best Walking, Running, and Hiking Shoes. But, hey, if you have a pair of shoes you'd recommend, I sure would appreciate you leaving me a comment.

By the way, runner or not, vegan triathlete Brendan Brazier had a great article on CSL this week that's definitely worth a read: Packing on Lean Muscle with Plant-Based Nutrition.

Alrighty, I'm off and running. See you on the trail!

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