Tipis, Daisies and Deer, Oh My!

So I once lived in a tipi for a year. Yeah, I'm one of "those people" — green, long before it was fashionable to be eco-friendly. Actually, my living arrangements had less to do with shrinking my carbon footprint and more to do with expanding my time in the great outdoors. I just feel most at home in nature, close to the earth. Always have. I figured if Daryl Hannah could live in a tipi, why couldn't I?

Anyways, after the tipi was raised, I asked my neighbors — four legged, winged and crawlers — to please respect my sacred space (as I would respect theirs) and be so kind as to remain on the outside of the tipi. In twelve months I never had so much as a spider visit, but walk outside and I encountered a whole menagerie of wildlife: deer, fox, hawk, snake, turkey, and more. A very copacetic arrangement.

So when I put in my square-foot garden this spring, I did pretty much the same thing and asked the deer, bunnies, crow, and aphids to please refrain from dining on my veggies. And lo, not a nibble.

It never crossed my mind to make the same request of my flowers.

Eeek! I awoke Sunday morning to find decapitated plants in my flower beds. And I'm pretty sure I found the daisy-petunia-munching culprits.
Ah, the appeal of a plant-based diet. *wink*

Which reminds me...Sunday also marked the one-year anniversary of In The Raw. And what an adventure it's been. A year of discovery and immense change, for certain. In addition to my new-found health and vitality, I've encountered so many wonderful souls since touching down in Raw Food Land. To all of the followers, subscribers, readers, commenters — Thank You! You enrich my life more than you'll ever know.

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