A Feast For The Eyes: Mango Salsa

Sometimes, looking is enough.
And, sometimes, you just have to give in to temptation.

Friday Food Porn

I may have been the last holdout in cyberspace to jump on the Twitter bandwagon, but now that I did, I'm hooked. Despite the aggravation of having my account hacked and now yesterday's system-wide attack, the twittosphere is an amazing resource for meeting fascinating folks whose path you'd not otherwise cross. Case in point: mooifood.

The genius behind Mooi — that's "moy," Dutch for beautiful — is culinary wizard Stephen Hauptfuhr. You can snag the recipe for his raw-vegan mango, strawberry & avocado salsa in corn tortilla here. And if you're fortunate enough to live in Pasadena, check your local Whole Foods Market, where you can sample one (or all!) of his three-course packaged meals.

Stephen's latest creation, Mooi restaurant in Echo Park, should be open in time for the holiday season and will feature his signature raw-vegan desserts and ice creams.

Crying cuz you don't live on the west coast? Yeah, me too. Well, the rest of us can always feed our inner voyeur Chef Hauptfuhr's sexy recipes by ogling his catering site. Warning: wear a bib. Drooling can be messy.

Live a little. It's the weekend.

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