Well, Tickle Me Pink!

photo: tinyfroglet

Way across the big pond, In The Raw, has been mentioned in the UK's Daily Telegraph, which boasts a circulation of over
840,000 readers. Here's what it said in Wellbeing on the web: the 9 wellbeing blogs you need to bookmark:

5. earthmother-intheraw.blogspot.com

Charts the "(mis)adventures of one gal's transition into the land of raw foods" in her quest to go one up from organic – to eating without cooking. Whether she's mixing up smoothies or foraging for wild edibles, it's inspirational stuff ("Acne – gone. Chronic fatigue – gone!") and information-packed: the recipe for Almond Mayonnaise is a revelation…

Wanna know what really tickles me (besides even being noticed out there in the great big blogosphere)? The fact that In The Raw wasn't recognized as simply a "raw food blog" or a "weight loss blog," but was included with eight others to "Bookmark these blogs for better health." Love that. It just reinforces my belief that eating raw, living foods isn't about dieting. It's a lifestyle choice. And, a healthy one!

So, go make yourself a delicious green smoothie, bookmark those eight other sites, and enjoy some good, healthy reading.

Now, please excuse me. I have to go call my Mom.

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