Healthy Moms Raising Healthy Children

Did you happen to hear the disturbing news last week on the discovery of a rocket fuel chemical found in baby formula? Yes, you read that correctly. Rocket fuel.

A new study from scientists at the Centers for Disease Control found perchlorate, a component of rocket fuel, in all 15 brands of baby formula that they tested. Although this particular study was not about the health effects, the researchers say the chemical could exceed what's considered a safe dose for adults if mixed with water also contaminated with the ingredient.

Hello? Something that's used to make rockets go, can be consumed in safe amounts?

Perchlorate has been linked to thyroid disease, which can significantly impact fetal and infant brain development. And guess what? According to the Environmental Working Group, perchlorate has been found to contaminate drinking water in 28 states.

So, I guess if you live in a community where the water is also contaminated, there might be cause for worry. But, as of now, there's no hard and fast evidence that perchlorate in infant formula is making kids sick. Yeah. Right. Not sure I'd want to wait for the evidence.

And listen, this is just the latest study. Back in 2005, researchers at Texas Tech University found perchlorate in samples of store-bought cow's milk and even higher levels in human breast milk.

What's a mother to do?

Take a peak at five Moms who are choosing to be as pro-active as possible and raise their children as organic raw vegans:

Julie began chronicling her raw vegan pregnancy at five weeks, back in June of 2007. She gives us a glimpse into her menu, yoga practice, biking, hiking, and ultimately, her home birth. Julie's daughter, Mizzen, just celebrated her first birthday in February.

Alex is three years old. He's been a raw vegan since day one and he wants to be a cowboy. He has his very own blog, Raising Alex, where his mom, Melissa, shares menus, recipes, lots of photos, and what happens at his drum circle.

Gina Laverde at Heal Artfully is a Raw Foods Coach and mom of Dougie. When her son was about 18 months old, he was diagnosed with autism. Not at all pleased with the diagnosis nor prognosis, Gina took matters into her own hands and transitioned her family to a high raw vegan diet. Today, the only thing that makes four-year-old Dougie different from his friends is the fact that he LOVES green smoothies and cultured vegetables. Oh, and he's starting to read.

Darlene Navarre did something absolutely crazy 10 years ago. She went raw and took her five kids and husband with her. Her two youngest, Mitchel and Carter, have been raw since birth. Head over to the Fruity Green Family for kid-friendly recipes and live "cooking" videos.

And, if that's not enough inspiration to get you at least thinking about making some healthier dietary choices in your family, then please visit The Raw Food Family. Kathi and Chris Kattoll are offering a FREE mini course on How To Raise Happy and Healthy Children.

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