Are You Going To Eat "Real" Food Again?

Alright, show of hands. Anyone else feel like the holiday season has lasted inordinately long this year? They start decking the halls the second the Halloween decorations are put away, and the local radio station's been playing holiday music 24/7 since Thanksgiving. All the to-ing and fro-ing, the endless parties, the hype and hoopla. It's just over the top.

And Good Lord, the food! The Hungarians gathered, not once but twice, over the course of a four-day period to celebrate (read: feast and drink themselves into a stupor). Funny thing – when we're doing the imbibing, we rarely notice the gluttony. I never noticed the vast amount of alcohol my family members consume until I took my last drink in 1990.

To not drink or not eat is seen as a personal affront. My not-drinking created more of a ruckus than my drinking ever did (and trust me, I created plenty a ruckus back in the day). A chorus of "Oh c'mon, you can have just one" was heard at every family event for years thereafter. The words addict, alcoholic, disease, and no thank you just didn't register.

I have a life-threatening allergy to alcohol and cannot safely drink finally did the trick, and the Hungarians never bothered me again. Now, it's just common knowledge that I don't consume alcohol. A non-issue, really. that you've lost all this weight, are you going to start eating real food again?

I was able to placate and make them verrrrry happy in other ways. I ate. A lot. Yup, ever since I was a baby they'd coo, "Oh she's such a good eater." So, you might imagine the hubbub I've created the last six months of choosing to eat – gasp! – raw, living food. The horror of it all. The ongoing litany of "Oh, it's just some crazy diet she's on" is the only saving grace that's kept them from bursting a collective blood vessel.

Just as we're about to sit down to eat on Christmas Eve, my eldest brother asks, "Hey, now that you've lost all this weight, are you going to start eating real food again?" Everyone stops mid-motion and it becomes absolutely quiet as 17 pairs of eyes are now on me, waiting for that resounding "Why yes! Please pass the chicken paprikash" (and all will be right with the world, amen).

Isn't it funny? Real food: injected with growth hormones, antibiotics and preservatives; smothered in sugar, flour or fat; depleted of any and all vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Yes well, even though I chose not to eat any of that "real food" (*smirk*) over the holidays, I know I consumed more nuts – almonds, pecans, cashews, walnuts – in the last four weeks than I have in the past four years. Somehow, I managed not to gain any weight. Didn't lose any either. So, this is the first month since July that the scale has not moved down. That's okay. I'm still going to bid adieu to 2008, 73 pounds lighter. Yup, gonna keep eating that "crazy" stuff that comes right from the earth and is filled with life force energy.

Wanna join me?

I know a fabulous place where a whole community of folks hang out, offering support, encouragement, recipes, tips, stories,'ll be welcomed with open arms and fit right in. Promise. So, c'mon and join me in Raw Food Rehab.

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