What's Your Body Telling You?

I'm still processing and digesting the wealth of information I received from participating in Kevin Gianni's remarkable Rawkathon event. Listening to interviews with 14 world-renowned health experts in seven days is a lot to absorb.

One of the folks who particularly resonated with me was raw food coach Karen Knowler from the UK. She spoke about what it means to truly live a healthy balanced life, how to safely transition to a raw foods diet, and put an end to emotional eating.

Karen's energy and enthusiasm is contagious and by the time she was through speaking, I was vibrating. This will often happen to me when I hear Truth. Ever have that experience, where deep inside you feel an inner "Yes!" after you hear or read something? Ironically, Karen shared a story on the Rawkathon about a time when her own body informed her that she had just made a very important decision. As a follow-up, Karen has written a wonderful article that further illustrates her increased perception and intuition since living a raw foods lifestyle. Take it away Karen...

Your Body of Truth

On Rawkathon last week I shared how since being raw my somewhat psychic perception has increased.

I shared the story of how, the night I agreed to take over the running of The Fresh Network back in early 1998, I had such strong tingles all over my body — literally like pins and needles from head to toe — it was the most incredible feeling, I had to lay down just to take it all in.

Since then, I have discovered that my body has a far greater, or at least clearer capacity for truth than often my mind or emotions, and even though I already love my body and what it is capable of, just this week two separate events have once again reminded me just how invaluable my body is — not just for walking my truth, but for feeling my truth.

Allow me to explain...

Have you ever had that feeling where you felt something wasn't quite as it seemed? Perhaps your mind was trying to convince you it was a good idea or a certain person was trustworthy, but something else was telling you no? Chances are you may have put it down to a purely emotional response, but if you started to inquire more closely I think you would discover that the feeling you had was much deeper than that, as in cellular.

I have had this on two occasions this week and boy, am I grateful. If I had pursued the two things in question then I know I would have created a whole lot of problems for myself further down the line. I am grateful for my body's ability to translate "truth" to me so consistently and clearly.

On both occasions, when I was entirely honest with myself, my body was saying a very obvious "NO," but my head was busy trying to argue the other way, basically trying to tell me that it would all be okay — but it wasn't.

So many times in life we value what our mind says more than our body. Time and time again I have learned this is not the way it should be. Our soul communicates directly with our body, our body is the vehicle through which we feel truth, our mind is not capable of this — our mind's job is to be the servant of the body and soul, to be informed by them as to what to do and then figure out how to do it. So often we put the cart before the horse and think our way through life, which very often leads to decisions we regret and circumstances that don't support our true self.

So where does raw food fit in to all of this?

There are many great things to eating raw, as we all know, but one of them is that it cleans us up on all the levels. Yes, it starts physical, but it does extend to the emotional, mental and spiritual. Raw food equals a raw experience of life — which means that the more you clean up your diet and the more raw you go, whatever is going on for us, both positive and not-so, we feel it oh-so much more clearly.

While sometimes we may feel this is a curse, especially when life gets tough, ultimately it is a real blessing. So long as we can take action on turning things around, then we don't need to stay stuck in negative raw emotions, but can transform them into glowing positives. Thus, when we have something that potentially may lead to a negative experience, we are able to detect it before it happens — not that this can't happen when you're not raw, but it is so much more obvious on raw that the gift of this ability becomes so much more obvious.

So, the next time you feel unsure about something, tune into your body and ask "What is my energy doing when I think of this situation or person? Does my energy close up or sink down, or does it rise up or expand?" Just by asking this question, so long as you are open and honest about what you are feeling inside, you will have your answer, and yes the mind may well try to argue, but as time goes by you'll learn to trust the ultimate source of truth, and that's where heaven and earth connect — in your cells, or, as I prefer to call them, our spiritual satellites — how cute is that?! © 2008 Karen Knowler

Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach publishes "Successfully Raw," a free weekly eZine for raw food lovers everywhere. 

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