March To The Beet

Well, my last post was about listening to our bodies and mine's been screaming, "Beets, please!" I don't know what possessed me to even buy one recently, but now I'm obsessed with these sweet amethyst gems. I do believe in the body's innate intelligence and capacity to heal itself, and I'm just trusting that, for whatever reason, this is what my body needs at the moment.

Said to be both blood cleansing and blood building, beets are loaded with nutrients: beta-carotene, B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, sodium and iron. Betaine – an amino acid that gives the beet its gorgeous color – helps increase oxygen intake and lower homocysteine levels, which is especially beneficial in combating premature coronary artery disease and stroke.

Beets have long been known for their amazing health benefits in treating anemia. They're also very helpful for constipation, irregular menses, acne and gout. Did you know that beets can normalize blood pressure, lowering high blood pressure or elevating low blood pressure?

I remember when my niece Amanda was small – must have been in kindergarten – she wanted to eat beets every day for a couple of weeks. I know, strange for a kid to request beets. Luckily, her parents recognized that it was something her body needed, and they trusted the craving.

So, I'm following my body's cue, and marching to the beet. Here's how I've been enjoying mine:

Beetific Elixir
2 medium beetroot
4-6 carrots
2 apples
2 inches fresh ginger

Juice all ingredients in your juicer and enjoy!

Tickled Pink Soup
2 large beetroot, sliced
meat of 1 young coconut (reserve water)
1 lime, juiced
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground coriander
1/4 tsp ground star anise

Combine beetroot and coconut meat in a high-powered blender, slowly adding coconut water until smooth. Add lime juice and spices until well blended.

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