Enjoy The Harvest Of The Season

As the Sun enters the sign of Libra, day and night are again in perfect balance. Temperatures begin to drop, leaves begin to fall, and once again, the element of Change moves into our lives. In truth, change is the one constant in the Universe that we can rely on.

Around the time of the Summer Solstice, I set an intention to change my relationship to food. And oh, what changes have ensued.

Transitioning to a raw foods lifestyle has had a significant effect on me physically. My body has let go of roughly 50 pounds; chronic heartburn, fatigue, headaches, and joint pain have vanished.

Perhaps more significant than my body's physical changes, are the internal changes taking place. Here's a bit of what I've learned about myself:

  • Certain foods trigger the phenomenon of craving for me. Before, my foods came in bags, boxes and cans. My three basic food groups were refined sugar, refined flour and trans fats. Foods falling into those three groups trigger a physical craving for me. I want more, more, more. Eliminate those foods, eliminate the craving.
  • The compulsion to overeat is emotional for me. It's all related to how I'm feeling. Sad, angry, lonely, tired, bored...I'll turn to food. I have a holy hunger that no amount of food can satiate, because it's not a physical hunger. I have to discover ways to feed and nourish my Spirit.
  • Certain behaviors can trigger unhealthy food choices for me: eating standing up at the kitchen counter; eating in front of the fridge; eating in the car; eating in front of the television. Eliminate those behaviors, eliminate the risk of making poor choices.

The contents of my kitchen and pantry sure have changed dramatically since the start of last season. Gone are the prepared and processed food items. I am so blessed to live within 20 minutes of a half dozen farmers markets. As I was gazing upon the bevy of fresh local produce I scored this weekend ~ squash, cabbage, lettuce, eggplant, cucumber, collards, tomatoes, sweet corn, peppers, apples, pears, grapes ~ I was overcome by the beauty and bounty of the season's harvest. And, it got me thinking about my own experience of the harvest.

First and foremost: it's hard work. We sometimes have the mistaken notion that once we've done the work of preparing the fields, planting the seeds and tending their growth, when harvest time comes, we can sit back and enjoy. But the work doesn't end ~ it just changes, and the important work of gathering in and preserving begins.

Now is the time to look back over the season, at the goal(s) we set, the work we put in, and deciding whether what manifested is what we really intended. It is time to process, to assimilate. Did it work out the way we intended? Whether it did or not, we have gained valuable information. This is stored and becomes part of us and our wisdom grows stronger.

So, we separate the wheat from the chaff ~ what nourishes us stays in the plan to strengthen us, what doesn't is kicked out to the compost pile. Those lessons will fertilize next season's garden.

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Debbie Young said...

Hey EM!
what a nice blog you have here! I must come by again and see what you are up to!
Juicing and green smoothies kills most cravings, that and salt on my salads and wraps!
good luck to you

Earth Mother said...

Wow, what a nice surprise! Thanks for stopping by and checking in, Deb.

I have to agree with you...since I began doing the green juice every day, I really haven't been plagued with the physical cravings. Such a blessing.

Anonymous said...

"....what nourishes us stays in the plan to strengthen us, what doesn't is kicked out to the compost pile. Those lessons will fertilize next season's garden."

I loved this line. The post is like your diet...vibrant with life. The top photo is SO amazing. The colors alone are appealing.

I've also found that not only green drinks stop cravings, but have heard of cultured veggies. I made then so many times. You can get the recipes on how to make them in any of the BODY ECOLOGY DIET books by Donna Gates. But cultured veggies really stop cravings in their tracks. And the cultured veggies are ALL raw. I made them with cabbage, beets, carrots, ginger, garlic, greens, etc. You can try different mixes. Once you do it a few times it is actually MUCH easier than it seems on first reading. After I'd done it 2 0r 3 times I could do it blindfolded.

And they taste GREAT!!!
Thank you for you sharing such important info on this site. The world needs now MORE THAN EVER!!! I believe that a healthy mind is a result of a healthy body.

Also thank you for your truly kind and inspiring comments. I really enjoy them. You are not only very intelligent; you are wise. Great combination...the best!! :) :)

Earth Mother said...

Hmmm...cultured raw veggies. Okay, I'm game!

I've got a 30% off coupon for Border's that has to be used by tomorrow, so now I know what to get - The Body Ecology Diet.

Thanks, Robin!

Kristen's Raw said...

Loved reading this post :)

Congrats with your successful journey eating Raw foods. Whoo-hoo!

You list of things you've learned about yourself is great.


Earth Mother said...

Thank you for visiting, Kristen, and for your support and encouragement. You (and your blog) have certainly been inspirational to me. I especially love the fact that you keep things very simple and very real.

Anonymous said...

I haven't thought about what triggers my eating habits before seeing your post. I do know that its better for me not to have certain things in the house that I want to avoid. For the most part I don't get the munchies and not having treats other than fruits etc, makes sure I don't eat on impulse.

I would also like to thank you for your nice comments and support. I truly appreciate them. Bless you.

Earth Mother said...

Lea, thanks for coming by! I really commend you for not eating on impulse, especially during this trying emotional time with your Mom being so ill. I think my first impulse would be to dive head first into the food.

Gregorio said...

I,m still trying to get to the point of being a vegan.I still eat meat or more appropriately fish which I only eat maybe once a week.Anyway your site is interesting for me because I have really started to take an interest to the eat raw idea.The benefits are awesome.No cook no loss of nutrients.Love your blog keep the info coming.

Earth Mother said...

Gregorio, I'm not vegan either. I still consume (and love) raw honey and wild Alaskan salmon. But, eating 85-90% raw, living food every day for the past three months has changed my life in so many ways. I'm a believer!

Anonymous said...

Hello there:) What a great blog.

Earth Mother said...

Why thank you, Hanan. Hope you'll visit again.

Me-Me King said...

I truly enjoyed your post, it actually has given me hope. I will be planting my first garden in over 15 years this spring, I simply can not wait!

Earth Mother said...

Hooray for you, Me-Me! I want to plant a garden too. Mmmmm, the thought of walking out my back door and getting lunch from the earth, thrills me to no end. I am seriously considering a square foot garden in the spring. So, so simple. Even I can do this!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting observations! You're right. The work doesn't end after harvest.

Earth Mother said...

Don't know if the work ever ends, leafless, so the way I see it — you may as well enjoy the journey and think of it as one grand adventure!

Thanks for stopping by In The Raw.

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