Let The Sunshine In

I've had low-grade, chronic depression for what feels like forever, probably since I entered puberty, actually. Years of therapy resulted in lots of insight and self-reflection, but produced no significant change in how I felt day-to-day. Same thing with alternative means of healing  — reiki, acupuncture, neurolinguistic programming, craniosacral, polarity, homeopathy, naturopathy, etc. etc. You name it, I've tried it, including seeing shamans on three different continents. And while I may have experienced temporary relief, alas, the underlying depression remained, like a dull ache.

I've been transitioning to raw (85 - 90%) for four weeks now, and the emotional/mental change is significant. I feel like I just crawled out from underneath a huge rock and am being exposed to the sun, light, and air for the first time in decades. The clarity is astounding. Everything looks brighter, crisper. [Perhaps my vision is improving?] I can breathe. Whatever it was that weighed so heavy on my mind and heart seems to be lifting.

Here's the truth: when we eat whole, live foods, we feel more ALIVE. Let me rephrase that: when I eat whole, live food, I feel more alive. Toxic waste has been stirred up and released from my cells and, hopefully, expelled from my body one way or another. I find this fascinating...

Science has shown that emotion inside of the body is biochemical. If we can't vent it, we store it. The skin, being the largest organ in the human body, has the capacity to expel oodles and oodles of toxins. Guess where I've been breaking out this past week? Pimples on my head and chest! Physical manifestation that my mind and heart are releasing garbage and cleaning house? Hmmmm.

Raw food: Nature's answer to Prozac.

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